timothy academy

exhibition 2100 – the young program

Welcome to Timothy Academy’s – Exhibition 2100.  A unique program designed to empower audiences to partake in an exceptional opportunity.  You are invited to witness the genius and creative expression of the Young.  By sharing their expressions through art, our students offer the world an opportunity to glimpse the personal, yet much larger expressions, which are shared throughout humanity.  Art is a gestalt.  Stripping away the need for written or verbal communication.  Parsing aside language, age, location, time, and petty differences its ability to communicate is nothing less than a phenomena. No small task.

To immerse yourself in the experience, look for the symbols and their representation, not words nor perfection.  Feel the universal expressions of happiness and concern; goals and aspirations, not descriptions.     Be mindful of their impact and similarity to your own concerns and expressions.   We wish you the pleasure of the experience and invite you to share it with others.


A Warm Welcome To You!