Alynna Quintanilla


How will your own life become inspiration to you and your artwork? Consider your best and your worst memories: floating on the clouds, feeling down in the darkest of isolation. From the joy of puppies, to the pain of broken relationships; the comfort of family to the sting of death. Use your imagination to bring us to your habitat of memories, or show us who you are today as a result of them all.


“Ms. Quintanilla’s artwork tends to go through many stages. Though she begins with a particular intention, she leaves room for the medium to speak for itself, thus resulting in a surprising abstract work. This particular painting proves her technique and creativity with watercolors and shows the beauty of movement and color. ”


Please view my sketchbook. This is where I captured my thoughts and expressed my rough concepts. I hope you enjoy having the opportunity to share all the various ideas and personal experiences which helped me to create my masterpiece. You will be happy you did it, for it’s a fascinating experience to look back on my monument of thoughts.