Khair Wallace


Describe your favorite animal. Describe your favorite color. A brief theory in psychology. . . Your description of your favorite animal is how you indirectly see yourself. Your description of your favorite color is how other people indirectly see you. You might be more beautiful than you thought you were, or maybe you did not know you had an ugly side. And you may be more loved than you imagined.


“I am Khair Wallace. The reason I made this painting is because it really symbolizes the stuff I like. What I thought of when I Was doing this painting was when I went to the zoo for the first time and saw the alligators. I was very fascinated at the creatures. The title of my painting is ‘Zoo Time.’”


Please view my sketchbook. This is where I captured my thoughts and expressed my rough concepts. I hope you enjoy having the opportunity to share all the various ideas and personal experiences which helped me to create my masterpiece. You will be happy you did it, for it’s a fascinating experience to look back on my monument of thoughts.