Academia Timoteo (Timothy) has been committed to educating children in the Greater Philadelphia area for over fifty years. Founded in 1956 by a group working with Baptist Mid-Missions, Academia Timoteo was established in six inner-city row homes to serve the children of the primarily non-English speaking Latino community in eastern North Philadelphia. Today, as one of the few private, Christian schools in North Philadelphia, Academia Timoteo provides a full complement of early childhood care, pre-K-8 education, summer educational enrichment program and after-school programming.

Owned by Iglesia Evangelica Bautista of Philadelphia since 1974, Academia Timoteo currently operates with its own independent Board of Directors and under the administrative leadership of Principal, Gwendolyn Hinton-Freeman. The Board is comprised of thirteen members representing area business, community and religious leaders. As the school has grown throughout the decades, positive word of mouth has expanded its area to additional sections of North and lower Northeast Philadelphia.

Academia Timoteo serves as an oasis for children, many of whom grow up facing complex life issues on a daily basis.   The school provides a nurturing  stable environment in which the children receive excellent instruction and opportunities to grow and flourish.  The school meets short-term and long-term needs in the lives of children by providing a secure educational experience and moral instruction to help them turn the tide of societal expectations.